Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary

Today we enjoyed our 4th visit to one of the Natural Lands Trust preserves.  We weren’t sure when it would start raining according to the hourly weather forecast, but we decided to go anyway.  It started drizzling as soon as we walked out to the car to leave.  It rained harder on the way and we briefly talked about what else we could do.  Luckily when we arrived the rain had returned to a light drizzle and we hiked a couple of miles.  At some point it stopped raining altogether.  The trails were steep in some areas and it was nice to rest on a log, have a snack and water.


I knew that we were close to the Delaware State Park and Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, so when we walked out to the overlook of the Delaware River Steve said, “oh look where we are.”  And I recognized it right away.  It was an area along the road we have passed many times.  We have even looked up and said it would be fun to see what’s up there.



When we went back to the car and drove down the road towards our favorite coffee stop in the area, it started raining again.  We had a really fun trip today exploring “what was up there.” 🙂



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  1. Irene says:

    Glad it stopped raining eventually so that you could enjoy the hike. Thanks for sharing your adventure. 😊

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